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Global Project Management

Created on 08 July 2007 Written by Jean Binder
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 Global Project Management - Communications, Collaboration and Management Across Borders

  Global Project Management
Communication, Collaboration and Management Across Borders
Jean Binder  

ISBN-13: 978-0-566-08706-6

Ongoing research shows that whilst 90% of large companies are conducting global projects to take advantage of distributed skills, around-the-clock operations and virtual team environments, less than one third of them have effective, established practices to help project managers and team members working over a distance. As a consequence, most organizations struggle to reach the required levels of quality and effectiveness from these projects because their methods and practices are not adapted to a global multi-cultural environment, where most communication is in writing and asynchronous. Global Project Management describes how to adapt your organization and your projects to thrive in this environment. The book goes beyond the recommendations on collaborative tools, to suggest the development of best practices on cross-cultural team management and global communication, recommend organizational changes and project structures, and propose alternatives for the implementation of the new practices and methods.

The text is filled with real-life examples and techniques and illustrates how to apply the recommendations as part of the successful management of any global project.


PMI David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award 2008


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