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 How can you obtain commitment from global team members? How can you develop followers in the different locations that can disseminate the project vision and make sure that all team members across the globe are aligned on the project objectives and strategies?


The strategies and practices depend on the organisational and country cultures, the project type, size and duration, and even on the different personalities involved. However, there are some broad recommendations for leadership competencies and activities, to win these challenges and increase the commitment from the team members located in other countries. You must evaluate each recommendation according to the situations and projects you are involved in.

The recommendations that follow can be a starting point when you start to acquire and develop your project team. For other recommendations, refer to the book, chapter 2:

·        Set clear goals and directions at the project outset, with participation from key team members in different locations. Online brainstorming techniques (discussed in the book chapter 10) can be very effective to collect feedback and obtain buy-in from people across locations.

·        Build a vision that serves the interests of the main stakeholders and that can be translated into the achievement of the project objectives, considering the cultural dimensions of the main stakeholders.

·        Together with the key team members, develop a strategy to achieve the project objectives, and make sure that all or most team members agree on its feasibility.

·        Communicate the vision, goals and directions equally to all local and distant project team members. Organise online sessions using the synchronous tools (read the book chapters 22 and 23), and take this opportunity to launch the project website, publishing the vision, goals and directions, and organising polls to gather opinions and ideas (read the book chapters 19 and 24).  


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