What is project leadership?

Created on 07 July 2007 Written by Jean Binder
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Project leadership can be defined as the creation of a vision about the project objectives that directs all team members to work towards it. Good project leaders are able to influence the task prioritisation and the availability of the project team members towards achieving the project goals and strategies.

Project management and project leadership

Project managers make use of proven practices to plan project activities and monitor important elements such as cost, scope, time, quality and risks. Project management is the application of these practices by using ‘hard skills’ such as planning, estimating and controlling. Project leadership adds to the management practices and involves providing direction, motivating the project team to achieve the project’s objectives and obtaining commitment from the key team members and stakeholders. Project leadership is the application of ‘soft skills’ to obtain commitment, foster innovation, negotiate conflicts and create a team spirit that increases the quality of the deliverables and customer satisfaction. Good leadership can reduce the intensity and frequency of control activities on medium-sized projects, and is usually mandatory on large projects and programs.

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