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Offshoring Secrets: Openness and Transparency

Created on 18 June 2008 Written by Utkarsh Rai
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One has to setup and continuously reinforce an open and transparent environment where information flows freely. Information should always be available to the individual who needs it. This environment will help people feel free to share their thoughts, provide suggestions for improvement and, most importantly, give and receive direct feedback. This also helps in reducing rumors and ensures that people spend more time and energy on their work rather than worrying about things they want to know and do not have information about .


  About the author:

 Utkarsh Rai

  Mr. Utkarsh Rai is the Author of "Offshoring secrets" and the Head of India operations of Infinera (NASDAQ: INFN) for over 5 years by building and successfully running the operation in Bangalore, India. His leadership style is "Lead by example", "build and retain a highly performing team", and "flawless execution". This has always helped him in achieving the right goals by building products from V1.0 onwards.

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