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What tools can foster collaboration on global projects?

Created on 12 August 2007 Written by Jean Binder
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Image © Theodor38 | Dreamstime.comAll academic studies and text books agree on this point: Global teams require collaborative tools, in order to work effectively over a distance. There are many studies and information available on collaborative tools, helping global organisations to select the tools according to their needs.

The modules in this part of the framework provide generic strategies to implement collaborative tools in your company and make them available to all project team members around the globe. The chapters on the part IV of the book provide various recommendations to evaluate the software and hardware solutions available in the market, to implement the solutions, write documentation and analyse the implementations afterwards, in order to detect areas for improvement.  

You can use the links section on this website to discover collaborative tools available in the market. In case you have used or heard about an interesting tool, you can also submit a weblink to share information with the global project management community.

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