Collaboration with a Project Management System

Created on 13 August 2007 Written by Jean Binder
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Image © Carole Nickerson | Dreamstime.comMost companies use scheduling software tools and have templates for project records, such as issue logs, risk logs and meeting minutes. Some of these companies have consolidated the project records into a global project binder (see Chapter 7 of the Global Project Management book), to improve the effectiveness of online meetings. All these companies can improve their maturity on global project management by implementing collaborative project management software tools. 

The chapter 25 of the Global Project Management book makes suggestions on how to improve the adoption of collaborative project management software, by having all project managers and team members across the globe using the same rules and practices, with the help of senior stakeholders. All e-mails discussing important project elements – such as actions, issues, risks and changes – should always refer to the project management system, which must in turn be updated with the results of the discussion. The information in the project virtual room and the project management system will then form the basis for all regular meetings.


Types of good practices for Collaborative Project Management Systems (PMS):

-          Updating information on the PMS

-          Information pushed by the PMS

-          Retrieving information from the PMS

-          Using interfaces between the PMS and other tools


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